~ Pewter Pins & Gifts by T S Brown ~
Creator & Manufacturer of the finest English Pewter Pins & Gifts since 1986
Pendants PC12 - PF7
PC12 Seahorse
PC13 Angel
PC15 Donkey
PC18 Wolf
PC23 Bowman
PC24 Oak Leaves
PD1 Westie
PD2 German Shepherd
PD4 Golden Retriever
PD6 Yorkshire Terrier
PD7 Cav. King Charles
PD8 Boxer
PD11 Beagle
PD12 Dachshund
PD13 Jack Russell Terrier
PD14 Bulldog
PD15 Rottweiler
PD16 Husky
PD17 Staff Bull Terrier
PD18 Scottish Terrier
PD19 Greyhound
PD21 Fox Terrier
PF1 Trout
PF7 Blue Shark
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