~ Pewter Pins & Gifts by T S Brown ~
Creator & Manufacturer of the finest English Pewter Pins & Gifts since 1986
Pendants PA1 - PA42
PA1 Horse's Head
PA3 Running Fox
PA4 Labrador's Head
PA8 Badger
PA13 Otter
PA14 Frog
PA15 Cat
PA16 Hedgehog
PA17 Rabbit
PA20 Elephant
PA21 Stag's Head
PA22 White Tailed Deer
PA25 Labrador & Duck
PA28 Bear
PA29 Showjumper
PA30 Pointer
PA31 Stag 1
PA32 Ferret
PA34 Bat
PA35 Sitting Squirrel
PA37 Shire Horse
PA39 Running Pig
PA41 Teddy
PA42 Kitten
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