~ Pewter Pins & Gifts by T S Brown ~
Creator & Manufacturer of the finest English Pewter Pins & Gifts since 1986
Pins C1 - C24
C1 Large Edelweiss
C2 Small Butterfly
C3 Dragonfly
C4 Honey Bee
C5 Falcon's Hood
C6 Swallowtail Butterfly
C7 Leaf
C8 Lizard
C9 Sitting Fairy
C10 Leaf Fairy
C11 Leaping Frog
C12 Seahorse
C13 Angel
C14 Standing Fairy
C15 Donkey
C16 Pipestrelle Bat
C17 Flying Angel
C18 Wolf
C19 Long Eared Bat
C20 Mayfly
C21 Small Edelweiss
C22 Hunting Horn
C23 Bowman
C24 Oak Leaves
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